Начало Забележителности The Cross Barrack Museums (Krastata Kazarma)

The Cross Barrack Museums (Krastata Kazarma)

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The CrossBarracksMuseum is part of the regional museum complex in the town of Vidin. The building is a monument of culture of local importance. Since 1969 an ethnographic exhibition featuring the traditional culture of the population of the Vidin region from the end of XIX till the 20-ies of XX century has been organized.

The Cross barracks were built at the beginning of the XIX century to serve the needs of the janissaries. After the Liberation, it was used as a court and barracks of the Bulgarian army.

The two-storey building is in the shape of a cross with equal arms with a built up area of ​​approximately 1,260m2. Each wing has a corridor scheme planned with differences in the disposition of the premises. The interior disposition and connecting stairs have been changed several times according to the requirements of the respective departments. The walls are solid, built of stone and bricks.

There are four distinct almost private patios. The entrances to the building are located at the corners diagonally across the square core and determine the development of two new axes. These two axes are different from the centreline of the barracks itself passing through the corridors of the wings and designed under the scheme of a Cross.

Telephone for organizing a visit: +359 94 601 709

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