Начало Забележителности Izvor Monastery the Holy Mother’s Assumption

Izvor Monastery the Holy Mother’s Assumption

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Photograph: www.bulgariamonasteries.com

Unfortunately, little evidence has remained of the early history of the Holy Mother’s Assumption Monastery. According to the legend, during the XII century the Russian Prince Izvor Tavorski and Prince Jacob Svetoslav led by a “flying” icon arrived on the scene where the monastery was built later on. After the fall of the VidinKingdom the monastery was destroyed, and the monks were expelled. It was just in the middle of XVII century when the monastery was restored, and a transcript of the life of St. Ephraim Sirin mentions that after the resumption the monastery of “Suho potoche” (dry creek) was renamed “Izvorski.” An old tombstone in the churchyard made the scientists adamant that the monastery was operational as of the middle of the XVIII century.

In 1915 the Izvor monastery became a nun’s monastery, and in 1923 the church was restored and painted by Gospodin Zhelyazko Serbezov. The artist was a student of Anton Mitov and Ivan Markvichka. Serbezov participated also in the decoration of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral; one of his famous murals is “Ivan Rilski (St. John of Rila) returns the gifts to Tsar Peter.”

Today the monastery is operational and offers rooms for accommodation. Telephone for booking: 0898 330 027. In vicinity of the Holy Mother’s Assumption Monastery the following landmarks are located: the RabishaLake (15 km), the Belogradchik Rocks (22 km) and the MaguraCave (25 km).

How to get there: The Monastery lies in a beautiful locality 9 km southeast of the town of Dimovo and 2 km south of the village of Izvor.

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