Начало Новини The Church mints medals with the Rogozen treasure on

The Church mints medals with the Rogozen treasure on

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1976 преглеждания

Source: Standard Newspaper

Author: Rayna Tosheva

Photo: RIM Vratsa www.vrastamuseum.com

Photo: RIM Vratsa www.vrastamuseum.com

“St. Paraskeva” Church in the village of Hayredin will issue anniversary medals with fragments of the Rogozen treasure, the mayor Todor Todorov announced. The municipality hopes to attract tourists by minting these medals.

It all happened some 3 decades after Ivan and Nadka Ivanovi from the neighboring village Rogozen found the unique Thracian set of 165 silver gilded vessels in their “bahcha” ( vegetable garden). Since then, the treasure has been one of the emblems of Bulgaria, but the region where the treasure was found is still unpopular. Despite the numerous promises, the discoverers were not even given a copy of the mug into which Bai Ivan used to pour his evening rakia before realizing it was precious. He is no longer among the living. He ended in misery although he unearthed a priceless treasure. The cross-border project between Bulgaria and Romania signed by the mayor Todor Todorov days ago, aims at promoting this tiny municipality from this Northwestern part of Bulgaria. The project funding is 780 022 euro. Hayredin is the only Bulgarian partner municipality which is allocated 188 838 euro. The local administration own funding is 3000 levs. This money shall be used to develop and promote alternative tourism and further attract new investments in the area. The medals bearing the image of the Rogozen treasure are a part of the advertizing tricks promoting the region.

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