Начало Новини The Advisory Council on Tourism in Belogradchik Holds Its First Session

The Advisory Council on Tourism in Belogradchik Holds Its First Session

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Author: Lyubomir Veselinov, 07.03.2013

At the first regular scheduled session of the Advisory Council on Tourism in Belogradchik a task group was set up to write a Strategy for Tourism Development in the municipality. The bylaws on the organization and operations of the Advisory Council on Tourism were adopted at a session of the Belogradchik Municipal Council in January this year. The mayor Boris Nikolov is Chair of the Advisory Council’s managing board. The council members include 20 representatives of the municipal administration, the tourist industry, and the NGO sector. Represented on the Advisory Council are also the Vidin Holy Bishopric, the District Administration, and the Tourism Guides Association.

 At the first session organizational issues were discussed, as well as forthcoming tourism evens and the funding for these. There was very animated discussion about participation in tourism exchanges, opinions were stated advising not to underestimate the tourism exhibitions in Belgrade, Nish, and Craiova, as well as to put the stress on the proper preparation of advertising materials for the exchanges – banners, advertising videos, magazines, brochures, flyers, souvenirs, eco path maps, etc. Valentina Alexanrova from the Tourism Guides Association shared the importance of preparing the fullest possible tourism package with pioce quotations so as to enable is dissemination until the new tourism season. During discussions the need to pay attention on student tourism was stressed – one-day trips to the Belogradchik Rocks or to the Magura Cave, organization of green summer schools, etc. A proposal was also made to promote the Astronomical Observatory in Belogradchik as a touris destination.

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