Начало Новини The border checkpoint Salas – Novo Korito and a tripartite police co-operation center will be open in 2014.

The border checkpoint Salas – Novo Korito and a tripartite police co-operation center will be open in 2014.

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The border checkpoint on the Bulgarian-Serbian border at Salas – Novo Korito and a Tripartite center for police co-operation will be built in the region of Vidin up to the middle of 2014.  That was announced yesterday in Vidin by the Deputy Interior Minister Plamen Angelov and Mr. Ivica Tonchev, a special adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia on the matters of the national security. The host of the meeting was the governor Eng. Krastyo Spasov.

 “The Serbs have completed 80% of the work on the opening of the border post. At the beginning of next year we shall be ready to asphalt the remaining 200 metres to the border. I hope that in the middle of next year the checkpoint will be opened, ” Ivica Tonchev said, expressing his hope that this will greatly contribute to the economic development of the two adjacent regions that are the poorest in Bulgaria and Serbia.

 “The task for the Bulgarian side is much more serious, because we have to build a 5-kilometer route and expropriate the farmlands,” the governor of Vidin explained and assured that there was already a project for the construction of a road connecting the border road section from Salas village. He stressed that all measures have been taken to accelerate the implementation of this project.  “All properties have been specified as 60% of them are owned by the municipality of Belogradchik and the rest are private. The Road Infrastructure Agency has been actively working on the expropriation procedures. The Government has taken a decision to grant 2 million levs for a change of use of the agricultural lands, “said Eng. Krastyo Spasov.

At the meeting it was agreed to form a committee of five representatives from the two countries to coordinate and synchronize the construction works of the border post at Kadu Boaz passage.

“I am convinced that the interest is going to be huge and the project will have a favourable effect on the development of tourism and economy in the region,” said the mayor of Belogradchik Boris Nikolov.

Together with the work on the new borderpoint, we shall accelerate the formation of a contact communication center, which will contribute not only to the friendship of the countires, but also to the implementation of any economic initiatives on a higher level – these cannot be expanded without the necessary conditions and guarantees for security”, the minister of the interior Plamen Angelov noted and explained the progress of the initiative for the formation of the Tripartite center for police co-operation between Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.  “We specified the main objectives and tasks directed at the exchange of information and counteraction to security threats.  Currently, the Bulgarian side as an initiator, inspected the project from 2009 and included in this project its best practices accumulated in this period of interaction with all neighbouring countries,” Plamen Angelov said.

 The representatives from Frontier and National Police and the Customs Offices of the three countries will work in the police contact centre. The center will be located in the region of Feribot – Vidin.  It is expected to start operating in the early 2014.

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