Начало Новини (Български) „Посвещение в Магура” – книгата, която дава нов прочит на тайните на рисунките в пещерата

(Български) „Посвещение в Магура” – книгата, която дава нов прочит на тайните на рисунките в пещерата

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1900 преглеждания

“…and Magura cave seems to be the entrance to a virtually endless and almost completely unknown underground kingdom that consists of many kilometers and levels of still unknown underground caves.  The ancient Bulgarians from this region have passed to the future generations their numerous tales about creatures from the depths of the cave and the lake which in their minds have been interrelated and bottomless, and the creatures have often been giving knowledge and skills to the people. This underground world has been strongly connected with the inspiration and the appearance of the pictures.

 Did you know that the drawings in the Magura cave have been made by very intelligent individuals, and did you know that around 150 meters east from the mouth of the cave there are the biggest Bulgarian hewn stones with the largest of them weighing some 15 tons…No, you didn’t know as you haven’t read the book by Kiril Kirilov “Enlightenment in the Magura cave”. He is an engineer by profession and is the one of the experts from “FCC Construccion” having worked on construction of Danube Bridge 2, but his heart belongs to Belogradchik, to the rocks and the Magura cave.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

 My name is Kiril Kirilov and I was born in 1984 in Belogradchik. I graduated the language school in Vidin and then the Technical University in Sofia. I am an engineer by education which actually matches my interest to study the structure and logic of things.

Where did you get the idea for the book?

 Its story started with my first visit to the Magura cave. I noticed that the drawings contained very coherent logic. Each of them came from one or several drawings as obtained by different combinations. Then, it was obvious for me, as it became clear to many other people afterwards, that these Magura drawings haven’t been drawn by some immature and primitive people but by very intelligent individuals who have expressed their knowledge of their own culture. Frankly said, I was pissed off by the blant explanations of the official science and started my own research. In this process many people tried to tell me what to do, but I ignored them and continued alone. I published everything I found such as insights and conclusions and so I got an enormous amount of materials related to the Magura cave and the Belogradchik region.  Some friends and even strangers suggested to put everything in a book. It was very hard and finally I decided to split the collected material in several books – shorter and more concise. The first book titled “Enlightenment in the Magura cave” is a step towards the ancient Magura teaching as I saw it. It gives another perspective to the drawings, namely that these have been produced by a strong intellect and impressive knowledge. You know, one can see things as far as one’s ready to see them. An unprepared person won’t see anything in a chemistry textbook in chemistry, for example. I was lucky to have been prepared at the moment of my entry to the drawings.

Why did you become Magnus Magnus Kikovski and what does it mean?

 I’ve always been interested in the so-called magic. This is all the knowledge of the unseen principles and the mechanisms of the world. What we feel with our senses is just the outer manifestation of deeper principles. They are really fascinating and allow many things and give great opportunities. The drawings of the Magura cave can be a comprehensive and thorough textbook in the deepest principles of the world. Multiple mathematical relationships and proportions which interact with the people’s psyche are interwoven in these drawings. They are constructed in such a way that can teach us as long as we spend enough time to observe them. So I worked on this for five years and out of complete misunderstanding of the paintings’ meaning, I developed the skill to read through the contents of the scenes. Five years is a long time as much as completing the master’s degree.  This is how I became the Magus Magnus, i.e. the educated in the ancient teachings.  The book “Enlightenmen in the Magura cave” is more like a textbook or a concise expression of my personal training.

Is there any interest in the book?

There is interest in the book even though it is not popular, but it makes sense to a more limited circle of people.  A big problem is the price of the book which mainly discourages people from buying it. This problem can be solved by finding sponsorship for a large print run which can decrease its price.

Will you readers understand your message and what is it?

 The secrets of the Magura cave are numerous and so far it’s no good to comment any of them as this can lead to lots of things. In the end, it all comes to almost limitless opportunities stemming from the knowledge of principles beyond the tangible. The other extremely important issue is that all traces show the Bulgarians have been one of the first enlightened people worldwide and as teachers of humanity. The Bulgarians may call themselves people of God. You do realize that these are dangerous topics. In this relation, it became clear why the Magura cave and its drawings have been so much ignored and concealed.

Source: “Belogradchik echo”, a monthly edition of the journal “Konkurent” for Belogradchik municipality 

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