Начало Новини The Fortress Wall in Belogradchik to be Restored Using EU Funding

The Fortress Wall in Belogradchik to be Restored Using EU Funding

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Author: Lyubomir Veselinov

On March 6 an inception press conference was held in the large conference hall of the Skalite hotel to present the project Preserving the Cultural-Historical Heritage and Diversification of the Tourism Offering in the Area of the Belogradchik Forest”. The project was awarded to  Belogradchik Municipality under the Operational Program Regional Development.

The event was visited by the Right Reverend Veliki Bishop Sionius, vicars of the Vidin bishop Dometian, the municipality mayor Boris Nikolov, his two deputies Trifonov and Mladenov, representatives of tourism businesses and the general public, reporters of central and local media for the districts of Vidin and Montana.

Mayor Boris Nikolov spoke about the magnitude and importance of the project and shared that the new acquisitions, which will be implemented, will make Belogradchik an extremely attractive tourist site. Within the project access to the fortress will be improved via rehabilitation of three of the access roads. Conservation and restoration will be carried out on the fortress wall. An amusement ride for the tourists is envisaged, as well as construction of a visitor-ticket center. The project further stipulates training of tourism guides and animators, as well as promotion, marketing, and advertising of the area on a national and international scale.

One of the main contractors for implementation of the project, in charge of project promotion and marketing, is the Standard Daily, a contract having been executed therewith. Until the month’s end contracts will also have been executed with the other contractor companies under the project. Mayor Nikolov shared that a project application will be separately filed for the “Sound and Light” part, and that negotiations will be held with representatives of Philips for Bulgaria, who already have a concept design.

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