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от svilen

 Severozapazena BG

Welcome to Severozapazena (Northwest-Preserved) Bulgaria.

We have created this site to share, discover and rediscover the Northwest Bulgaria – the territory on the upper left corner of the geographical map, locked between the rivers Timok on the West, the Danube on the North and Iskar on the East and bordered by the majestic Balkan Mountain on the South. Here we will acquaint you with different places, routes and events, the natural and cultural opulence of the region.

This site is about the wonders, the treasures, the history and the people of the Bulgarian Northwest; about the crossroad of ancient civilizations and new tourist routes; about the magic, which attracts more and more people to visit and to come back to this region.

This site is for everyone who loves the Northwest Bulgaria – for all who were born and have grown up here, for the tourists, travellers, researchers by nature and adventurers, the lovers of the extremely beautiful views of nature, the speleologists, the dreamers …… For those who love to travel both in space and in time – in the era of the pre-historical humans who left their marks in the cave, in the epic times of battles before the fortress walls, in the self-absorbed time for mediation in front of the breathtaking scenery.

In the Belogradchik part of the Balkan a rare plant is blooming – the Ramonda Serbica, commonly known as the Serbian Phoenix Flower. This flower dates back from the dinosaurs’ age; it has survived the ice age and can be revived even if kept in herbarium for years. It is one the symbols of this part of Bulgaria that we lovingly call the Northwest-preserved and which is yet to reveal its miracles.

The photos published are taken by the photographer Tihomir Mladenov.