Начало Новини Through the Bridge onto the European Road System

Through the Bridge onto the European Road System

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An official German delegation from the district of Ortenau, State of Baden-Wurttemberg, Federal Republic of Germany observed the Danube bridge at Vidin-Kalafat.
Headed by Frank Scherer, the district governor of the district of Ortenau and Eng. Tsvetan Assenov, the district governor of Vidin, the delegation both obtained first-hand impressions from the constructed bridge supports in the non-navigable and navigable Danube sections and the railroad overhead pass, as well as pass through the entire road to the Romanian shore.
“The significance of this bridge must not be underestimated at all. It fully integrates Bulgaria into the European road system. It integrates both Vidin as a city and Bulgaria as a country” said Mr. Scherer.
The German delegation’s three-day visit in the region is in the context of the signed partnership-and-cooperation agreement between the district of Vidin and the district of Ortenau.

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