Начало Новини Jurassic Park near Vurshets

Jurassic Park near Vurshets

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Prehistoric park with huge beasts and birds-dinosaurs inheritors is being prepared in Vurshets.  Artists and architects are developing the attraction project by initiative of the local government and non-governmental organization.  The idea came from the unique Paleolithic find found near to the resort city. In the covered up cave, a scientist workers found bones, which helped them to recover the visual appearance of ancient animals and birds inhabit the area. Among the restoration species are megantereon –predatory animal similar to saber-toothed cat, giant cheetah, bears, foxes and lynxes. There were found over 70 species of birds. The most impressive kinds of prehistoric  fauna will be marbles and situated in the forest, similar to the African savanna, the same as there was near Vurshets 2.2 million years ago, said Tanya Petrova from the local initiative group. For the preparation there were granted 34 310 euro from the euro funds. For the Paleolithic park building, would be needed 2 million leva.

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