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Виа Милитарис

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On the Via Militaris ….

The ancient road Via Militaris in north-western Bulgaria is now becoming a preferred tourist route. After the DanubeRiverBridge, at a distance of 5 to 20 km, are situated some well-known and less-known historical and natural attractions that curious tourists can visit during an exciting weekend.

The new tourist route along the ancient road Via Militaris was announced at a forum within the Standart Newspaper’s initiative “The Wonders of Bulgaria – 2” in July 2012 and involves the following tourist sites:

Vidin – The Baba Vida FortressThe Synagogues and Krastata Kazarma (The Cross Barracks) Museum

The Belogradchik Rocks and Kaleto Stronghold

The Magura Cave

The red church of Borovitsa

Borov Kamak (Pine Stone)

Kozarnika Cave

Kula Fortress

The excavations of Anino settlement

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