Начало Флора и фауна Hieracium Belogradcense

Hieracium Belogradcense

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Member of the Asteraceae Family

Protected status: Critically endangered

Commonly spread in: Bulgaria, a Bulgarian endemic.

The Hieracium Belogradcense is a perennial grass like plant with straight thready stems covered with leaves, which reach 50–90 cm of height. The leaves are oblong-lance and sharp pointed, and attached to short leafstalks, the upper leaves are almost sitting, at the top the leaves are almost uncovered, at their under part the leaves are simply thready, and their edges are sharply jagged and thready. The raceme of the Hieracium may have from 20 to 60 baskets. Its galea is 8–9 mm long and wide-cylindrical. The wrapping leaves are arranged like the tiles of a rooftop, they are almost nude or rarely star-shaped and thready. The flower propagates mainly by spreading seeds but sometimes also by root sprouts.

Habitats and populations: The habitat of the flower is the forest outskirts. Only one habitat of the plant is known, which is located in the Western parts of the lower Balkan Mountain near the town of Belogradchik at an altitude of 500-550 m. The population of the plant consists of small groups and single plants and includes from several hundred to several thousand species.

Factors with negative impact: Small number and small area of population. It grows in close proximity to the town and therefore the domestic pollution and trampling by people have a negative effect. Potential danger for the destruction of part of the habitat is the construction development of the lands in the town outskirts.

Protective measures undertaken: This species is protected pursuant to the Biological Diversity Act. Its habitat falls within the area of the Belogradchik Rocks natural landmark and the NATURA 2000 the area protected by the European ecological network in Bulgaria.

Required measures for protection:  Detailed study of the number and area of the population, biology and ecology of the species, and the jeopardizing factors. Marking of the habitat and notification of local authorities and population of the pressing need to protect the species. Monitoring of the population condition and collection of seeds for the National Gene Bank located in the town of Sadovo.

Sourse: Red Book of Endangered Species of the Republic of Bulgaria. E-edition

Author: Vladimir Vladimirov

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