Начало Новини Belogradchik welcomed guests to mark an anniversary

Belogradchik welcomed guests to mark an anniversary

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The 45th anniversary of the twinning of Belogradchik and Knjaževac was celebrated at the end of November.

On this occasion, a working meeting between representatives of the two municipalities was held in the hall of the municipal council.

 The meeting was attended by the head of the municipal council Miroslava Chavdarova, the deputy-mayor Rosen Mladenov, the head of the Initiative Committee for the construction of a border post, “Kadu Boaz – Salash – Novo Korito” Vladan Radovanovic, officials of the local administration, representatives of the museums and the community centers from the two cities. During the meeting Miroslava Chavdarova noted that 45 years of cooperation have been a very good achievement and expressed her hope that it would continue that way as the Bulgarian and the Serbian people need such communication.  The deputy-mayor Rosen Mladenov gave examples of their successful work done in the areas of culture and tourism and declared their goodwill, desire and willingess to continue working on the joint initiatives proved in time. The attendees at the meeting expressed their satisfaction from the active work done by the Bulgarian and Serbian administrations regarding the construction of a border checkpoint at “Salash – Novo Korito” at the Kadu Boaz passage and stressed that it would be beneficial for the development of tourism, cultural exchange and the economy of the two neighbouring regions.

A decision was taken to annually organise Days of Belogradchik in Knjaževac and Days of Knjaževac in Belogradchik respectively and to create a database of the cultural institutions, the NGOs, the schools, the dance and music ensembles, tourist sites and places of accommodation in the two cities. Joint projects under the “Bulgarian cross-border co-operation Bulgaria – Serbia” programme were also discussed.

After lunch, the talks continued at the level of individual institutions and NGOs from both municipalities – museums, art galleries, community centers, etc.
The mayor of Knjaževac Vladan Radovanovic gifted Belogradchik municipality with a painting wishing for eternal friendship on the occasion of the 45th anniversary.

There is an exhibition arranged to honor the celebrations

 To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the twinning of the municipalities of Belogradchik and Knjaževac, the art gallery presented an exhibition “Watercolors” by the Serbian artist Nenad Corel′. The exhibition was attended by the head of the Municipal Council Miroslava Chavdarova, the deputy-mayor Anton Trifonov, guests from Knjaževac and many citizens.

 In his speech the mayor Anton Trifonov expressed his satisfaction from the long collaboration between the two municipalities. He recalled the multiple visits of the mixed choir at the community center “Razvitie”, the dance band and the youth orchestra in Knjaževac as well as the poetic performances of Ivan Tzarebrodski, Obren Ristic and Neboisha Djordjevic in the poetic observatory in the town.

 The most prominent event was indisputably the meeting at “Kadu Boaz “, said the deputy-mayor and wished creative success to the visiting artist. Nenad Corel thanked for the perfect organization and the interest in his works.
He recalled his previous visit to the city of the rocks as a visiting artist, again within the framework of the cultural exchanges between the two municipalities which is proof of the long years of friendship and cooperation between the cities.
The manager of the art gallery Mrs. Dzhuninska presented the works of the visiting artist vividly and with exquisite style.  The paintings “Road to Vinograd”, “Old mountain”, “Granny’s tooth” are painted delicately and skillfully.

 Source: “Belogradchik echo”, a monthly edition of “Konkurent” journal for Belogradchik municipality 

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